We are amazed and excited by what God is stirring across our city and would love for you to be apart of what is going on.

Welcome to a post that we hope will help describe some ways that you can become part of, and get involved in The Union. The Union is a community of creatives living in Chattanooga, TN. It is also a place where everyone is welcome to tell their story and play their part. We long for it to be a family and a place where people are known, loved and celebrated. We really believe that the potential of this group of people is incredible and that if this community thrives, so will Chattanooga. 


So, how can you get involved? Here are a few practical ways...

1. Come along to any of our events; meet people, build relationships and share and create together. 

2. Get connected on social media and help us spread the word; especially our Facebook group! You can also visit our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

3. Become a contributor. 


What is a contributor? 

A contributor is someone that wants to be apart of this movement and wants to contribute their unique set of gifts and abilities to enrich the rest of the community. We invite you to submit songs, blogs and any other content that you think can be used. We will do our very best to help share who you are and what you bring with the wider community. We can't guarantee that will be able to share all of the content that is submitted, but we will do our very best to make everyone feel included and welcomed. We may also try and connect you with other synergistic relationships.


What you need to do... 

In order for you to become a contributor, we need you to send the following things to contact@theunionmusic.org. Once we receive and review the content listed below, we will then make you a contributor page. 

- Hi-resolution picture of yourself

- Social media/website links 

- A bio (We would rather this be personable than a list of all your achievements to date. People want to know you!)


Submitting content...

Once your contributor page has been made live on The Union website, you are welcome to submit any content you would like. Current content we are looking for is: 


1. Songs - In order for us to upload your songs we need the following from you: 

- Album/song graphic/artwork 

- WAV file 

- Lyrics 

- Chord chart 

- Lyric video/music video (if you have one) 

- Short song story


2. Blog/Journal Entry - You are welcome to submit a blog/poem/story etc about anything you wish. We would love to celebrate the diverse thoughts, art and musings of the community. We just ask that you thoughtfully send us content that is going to enrich all that we are doing and experiencing together. If you don't currently write in this way, this would be a great place to begin to share some things that are on your heart and the fruit that's coming from your life. Whatever season you find yourself in you have something unique and beautiful to share. 


***If you have any more ideas about content that we don't currently have highlighted on our online platforms we'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts about how we can expand things.*** 


Become a Partner

We also need partnerships with organizations that believe in this vision and community. We would love as many businesses, churches and ministries to help us move forward and resource what we're doing. We will add you as a partner on The Union website and we hope that this partnership would be beneficial for both parties. We are looking for people to help with promotion; with resourcing, sponsoring events, providing merchandise, etc., and we would like to fundraise for future recording projects and to help raise the profile of artists and creatives in Chattanooga. We've been amazed how under resourced very talented people are and would like to see that change. If that's you, we would love to talk to you about how we can work together. You can email us: contact@theunionmusic.org 


All we would need from you is: 

- Logo of your organization 

- Website link 

- To stay connected and aware of what we're doing 

- Prayer


Thank you for reading this post. We very much hope you will be able to become apart of the family and get involved and be connected to all that is happening. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us and send us an email at contact@theunionmusic.org 



- The Union Team