All I've seen is faithful
You have never failed to win
You're forever stable
Constant through my raging winds  

When I can't see you
I know my breakthrough
Is just around the bend

You never fail
You never fail
You always come through
On your promises

Though is painful in the process
You are working in my darkest night
God, I know You're more than able
So my faith will keep me in this fight


"You Never Fail" was birthed as a response from heaven to the common question we often ask... "Where are you God"? People from all walks of life experience their own wilderness journeys where we feel lost, confused and alone... no one is exempt. This song serves as a reminder that God never sleeps, nor does He slumber, He is ever present. His track record of success is unparallel, and this fact forces us to remember WHO God is in our lives. In our humanity and weakness, God is made stronger. The truth is, We don't have all the answers or directions to the questions we ask, or the paths we travel. The sooner we acknowledge that He is God and we are not, the sooner we release Him to be everything we need to keeping pushing forward. My favorite lyric in this song is "When I can't see You, I know the breakthrough is just around the bend." So, in your personal wilderness (whatever that may be...) the foundation and constant truth to remember is simple. He NEVER fails. Let this song be the anthem that gives you the second wind needed to VICTORY. - Devon Goins