Brent Crowe
Owner of BackBeat Sound Design Studio


Brent has been a musician in one capacity or another for basically his entire life. From writing songs on a 10-key Fisher Price toy piano at age 4 to producing professional grade albums today, and everywhere in between, music is at the core of Brent’s passions and drives.

Brent’s music career began at a very young age with classical piano lessons, but it didn’t take long for him to branch out into guitar, bass, and drums as he served as the director of his church’s worship ministry throughout high school. His career in recording and production began at age 14, learning to produce quality results from poor quality gear such as a $10 Radio Shack microphone. It's these experiences that shaped Brent's quality production oriented mindset of today.

Brent graduated from Greenville College in Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts degree, studying music, music business, and sound engineering among other things. During his time at college, he also gained vast experience from playing different instruments in numerous bands. After college, Brent and his wife, Liz, moved to Chattanooga, TN where they now reside. 

In 2015, after years of pursuing music as a side career, Brent made music his full time passion and started BackBeat Sound Design. Today, BackBeat is a rising star in the Chattanooga studio scene.

If you're interested in learning more about BackBeat Sound Design, check out the website here.